Books from the author
Tony Lovitt

For anyone who has loved and lost a pet.

“Five Trees for Mina” is a heartwarming story intended to help children cope with the grief that follows the death of a beloved pet. Mina, a Persian cat, lived with her family for nearly 20 years, but even after she passes, lives on in their hearts forever as the result of a wonderful gift from Mina’s veterinary clinic.

A children’s book celebrating physical differences and promoting diversity.

“The Cat With Twenty Toes” (written for children ages 3-10, with a foreword for adults) celebrates physical differences and promotes diversity through the use of fun, rhyming verse and colorful, whimsical illustrations featuring a metaphorical, polydactyl cat named Sookie. The book is dedicated to the author’s brother, Sgt. Brad Lovitt (1961-2020), a 30-year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department, whose cat inspired the book.